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Do some girls like to give head I Search Hookers

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Do some girls like to give head

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I've had a pretty dull weekend and I'm waiting to spice it up a bit I guess. Put NSA in subject line. Please hsad you location in the subject line or I'm not gonna open the mail. Waiting for my great friend and then more, must see that communication is the basic beginning to a strong relationship.

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Buzz Articles Advanced Search. Do you like giving head? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of I'm curious because I've given my bf oral sex multiple times but I don't really like it.

I like the fact that he's enjoying it but the actual act almost makes me gag. Do people actually like doing this, or do they just do it as an expression of love?

Gils like it I like keeping my mouth busy with licking bf, biting my lips, rolling tongue, biting bf, sucking him, etc. As long as my mouth is busy, I don't really care what I'm playing with.

Performing oral sex is intimate, I have something to play with, I can feel him in my mouth, he likes it, and eh I orgasm Too be honest, No. I dont really enjoy the act in itself.

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Cum isn't something I want anywhere near my mouth and five a penis in my mouth isnt the most fun way to spend an evening!

I dont think a lot of women really enjoy giving head, I think the enjoyment comes more from the look on your boyfriends face and the noises he's making.

Knowing that its you thats making him feel that level of pleasure!

When you think about it that way, it really isnt that bad! I don't totally enjoy it either, but I do it. He doesn't make me do it either, I just really like pleasing him.

I enjoy the fact that I'm pleasing him, so I guess it all works out. I love doing it because it Do some girls like to give head my bf wild, but if I was doing it and getting no reaction, no I wouldn't enjoy it.

I mean, I don't like it to hed point where I'd give a sex toy "head" but getting the reaction I get from my bf is awesome enough to keep my mind off of the gagging and the other stuff that comes out of there Thanks, so I'm not the only one then I do love the look of satisfaction on his face afterwards so it is worth it.

I think there are different ways to please i guy in ways that you can both enjoy. I do enjoy giving head, I like oral sex in general!

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I like seeing if I do "this" he will do "that". Also, you can vary with light kissing, licks, hands Let me put it this way: I just got my tongue pierced. I love it!

birls It takes a lot of getting used to and I'm very inexperienced, but I see it as a fun and playful way to express my love for him.

I used to hate oral sex- I was so self-conscious about my own bpdy, and I was worried I'd do something wrong with my boyfriend.

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But learning is half the fun. It's funny, but it seems that girls often hate giving BJ's but love getting oral. This is usually true for guys as well so I guess its a give-and-take situation.

However, I think most people do it for the pleasure of seeing the enjoyment girs their partner's face or body reactions. My tongue would often get so tired because it took forever for my ex-gf to cum maybe minutesbut I did it because I loved seeing the expression of total happiness when she did explode.

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It also made her far more willing and ready to have sex because now she wasn't worried about trying to get an orgasm from it. She could be free and just enjoy going at it full likw without trying to get something for herself.

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